Today was a big day in British society – the marriage of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews. It also marks a big step in the relationship of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as they attended the evening reception at the Middleton estate together.

We have so far only had one small glance at Meghan all day since she did not attend the wedding ceremony itself. All we know – so far, until more photos are hopefully released – is that Meghan appears to be wearing her hair up, wore sparkly earrings and paired a beaming smile with her Prince, who drove her to the reception.

Coming as soon as possible if we get more images – stay tuned! So far, the official Meghan’s Mirror team guess on the dress is….

A strapless blue stunner from Carolina Herrera. How close will we be?

Meghan’s Mirror stylist Audrey is eagerly refreshing her screen for pictures, and has already found some amazing picks for style like Meghan’s… Just the earrings for now!

Here are some videos from Pippa’s wedding you can check out in case you missed any of the excitement!

12 comments on “Harry and Meghan attend Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Reception”

  1. That would be a stunning look, if true!!!
    Honestly, MM is staying at Kensington Palace and yet all this drama with her attending.

  2. I really hope that more pictures are released later, like a proper official one, not one sneaked on a camera phone. I love seeing them together.

    • Thank you team MM. Even the “crumbs” are appreciated! I have seen News channels and newspaper reports that Meghan chose not to attend the n the ceremony, and I believe that is accurate. What I saw of the frantic reporting of her sighting suggests that Pippa Middleton might have been overshadowed, and that would not have been fair. Meghan, who seems to have an intuitive and serious appreciation of appropriateness, would have made this choic and, in my view, the correct one. So, although many were disappointed not to see more, I am sure our patience will be rewarded very soon.

      In the meantime, thank you Meghans Mirror: keep the titbits coming.

  3. Sorry 😐 about the typos! I am on a moving train 🚂 and missed the errors: “the n the” should read ‘the wedding” and “choic” should read “choice”!

  4. The Telegraph is reporting that Meghan wore a “stunning” maroon backless gown, so I hope that’s true. There are reports of a black gown, which people have criticized, but it seems fine for a party rather than a church ceremony!

    • We are pretty sure at this point that we won’t see any photos come out of the event… And with about 6 different “reports” at this point of what she was wearing, we’ll all have to imagine, we guess 😉

      • Hopefully we’ll see whatever she wore at a later event. Hope we don’t have to wait for her wedding. 🙂

  5. Everyone was waiting for Meghan, fans worldwide wanted to see her, people were much more interested in Meghan than Pippa. That’s the fact. This royal romance between Prince Harry and Meghan is refreshing, putting many people and countries together, she is a nice young Lay, very kind, dutiful and accomplished. That’s why people like her. Both Prince Harry and Meghan match fantastic together. Wishing to see their wedding coming…soon in near future…excited!!!What a lovely couple! Grace!

    • There is no longer a relationship between HRH and Ms. Markle, and Ms. Markle was not in attendance at Philippa’s wedding, early reception, or evening party.

      • “Jane” sounds like the “Ms Sparkle” who left such ugly comments on MM’s Facebook page. I think a lot of people want Diana’s sons to be happy and MM seems to make Harry very happy. Other than that, it’s no one’s business but it’s fun to watch.

        • Well said Allison. However, one of the ways to defeat “trolls” is to take its breath away. Responding, give it life; ignoring leaves it nowhere to go, that is, the moment one sees troll-like behaviour!

        • I have never been on Facebook, and have no idea who left ugly comments on Ms. Markle’s Facebook, or what those comments may have been. I am just stating that there is no longer a relationship between HRH Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Markle, and that Ms. Markle was not in attendance at Philippa’s wedding, early reception, or evening party.

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