Meghan’s Mirror was founded in late 2016 and has quickly become the go-to source for all things Meghan Markle and her style. Since inception, Meghan’s Mirror has been featured in major news outlets and a variety of publications around the world.

Meghan has been thrust onto the international style stage and women have been fascinated by not only Meghan’s style and innate sense of self, but by her successful acting career and growing humanitarian and charitable work. Meghan is earning the respect of women who see in her the reflection they would like to look back at them in the mirror… Stylish clothes and all!

Meghan Markle first came onto our radar when we caught a glimpse of her paralegal alter-ego, Rachel Zane, taking her fictional law firm by style storm. Those pencil skirts, the gorgeous silk blouses… Swoon. We discovered not long after that behind the actress is a pretty remarkable woman with a laid-back style that we fell in love with. We have also long been fans of Meghan’s lifestyle website, The Tig, and the messages that it shares with women about living an inspired lifestyle. On the site, there are many features about fashion which all echo Meghan’s relaxed, casual and yet still extremely chic style.

The increased attention in Meghan since her relationship with Prince Harry went public was what led us to create the blog and document her style choices when we saw so many women curious about the pieces Meghan wore. While there are so many people interested in not only Meghan’s exact wardrobe – which can be sometimes difficult to find if it’s an older season or just out of reach for others from a budgetary perspective – there are many others who seek inspiration from the shape, style, colour, texture, ideas or expression of her clothing. They were seeking inspiration from Meghan’s style and looking to make pieces of it their own. That’s where we come in. We’ll tell you what Meghan was wearing… A glimpse into her mirror, if you will… And we’ll also tell you how you can get the look with the help of our professional stylist.

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Please note that we are not Meghan Markle, we do not know Meghan Markle or any members of her team. We are not affiliated with Meghan Markle in any way and are simply fans of chronicling her style.

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  1. Love Meghan style and classy. I only wish her the best. Thanks again for the information regarding her clothes.

  2. Meghan is a classy, accomplished young woman and a true example of class and style.

    I truly hope her life with Harry moving forward goes well. Their relationship shows that race has no boundaries and I am happy to see Harry has gone beyond the royal circle and found true love at last.

  3. Wishing Meghan all the best for her future with Prince Harry. Remain you, dutiful, confident with your identity and a leader for good causes. You are the one for Prince Harry!

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