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It’s Almost Time for the Holidays!

With the holidays quickly approaching, be sure to check out the Meghan’s Mirror Gift Guide for holiday shopping inspired by – you guessed it – Meghan herself.

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Sarah Chapman’s Secrets to Meghan’s Skincare

Believe it or not, one of the most talked about photos of Meghan from a beauty perspective is a photo captured quickly, through car glass, as Meghan attended the annual Royal Family holiday party at Buckingham Palace back in 2017. Her dress was gorgeous. Her Birks earrings were dazzling (and ... VIEW POST

Cyber Week Inspired By Meghan Markle

Cyber Week - the week leading up to Black Friday and through the weekend to Cyber Monday - is a shopaholic's favorite time of year. There are always unbeatable deals, and nearly everything you've been eyeing goes on sale. If you are looking for a Meghan Markle-inspired piece, either something you've ... VIEW POST

Shopping for the Holidays with Meghan

Last week, we published our annual gift guide, with some of the products that were high on our lists for Meghan-inspired gifting this holiday season. So while fans of Meghan's style may be suitably covered to hit "send" on that list as their wishes for this year, there are still many other people in ... VIEW POST

The Meghan’s Mirror 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

While hard to believe, the holiday season is officially upon us. There will be much mistletoeing (we hope) and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near, but there will also be a lot of gifts to buy! If your loved ones are royally-minded, this list should hopefully make your shopping a ... VIEW POST

Meghan and Harry at Remembrance Day 2019

This morning, Meghan stood on the balcony overlooking the Cenotaph while Prince Harry laid a memorial wreath to commemorate Remembrance Day 2019. The event is attended by all the major British royals to pay their respects to those who have lost their lives while defending our ... VIEW POST

The ‘Smoking Gun’ on Meghan & Harry

Meghan loves to support small business brands, especially ones from places that are close to her heart. Over the years, we have loved learning about these brands, which we may never have found if not for the Duchess of Sussex. One of our favorite brands that Meghan introduced us to is none other ... VIEW POST

Meghan and Harry Open the Field of Remembrance

Today, Meghan and Harry attended the opening of The Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey, an annual tribute surrounding Remembrance Day. The Remembrance Day celebrations in November are a somber reminder of those who have lost their lives protecting us in the line of duty. Although ... VIEW POST

Meghan and Harry Visit Military Families

In a previously unannounced engagement, Meghan and Harry visited military families living local to their home in Windsor. The Remembrance Day celebrations in November are a somber reminder of those who have lost their lives protecting us in the line of duty. Although the focus should ... VIEW POST