Meghan was on hand to wish her Prince good luck at today’s Audi Polo Challenge. The couple were even caught sneaking in an affectionate embrace and kiss before the polo began.

Coat: Believed to be the Burberry Silk Bishop Sleeved Trench
Sunglasses: Oliver People’s The Row NYC O’Malley
Top: White blouse
Bottoms: Jeans

We will update the post as we confirm pieces.

The amount of speculation about the status of Harry and Meghan’s relationship is at an all-time high! Here is a video from yesterday’s polo match.

While we wait for final conformation on the pieces Meghan wore (we need a few more images to be extra super sure!), here are some of our current guesses.

Image above is via The Sun.

8 comments on “Meghan Attends Day 2 of Audi Polo Championship”

  1. Exciting times ahead, “methinks”. Saturday’s Antonio Beradi dress was envious – I wonder what she wore on Sunday. Can’t wait to see.

  2. You mentioned that we can view a video of Saturday’s match but there isn’t a link there, what do I click on?

  3. Hi MM! You were mentioned today in an article in the Daily Mail online. I am sorry that I can’t give the link but I am using my phone to post this comment.

  4. I can’t wait to see what Meghan will wear on a formal occasion with the prince. She has amazing style. Just looked at your site from the beginning and it’s great. Hope they get engaged!

  5. I’ve become obsessed with MM. This is the perfect site to indulge my addiction! 🙂

    Love from Australia

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